Many organisations engaged in social development lack centralised repositories for information. This means they do not have ready access to the data they need for important tasks and projects. They also often waste precious resources on manual information gathering processes which could so easily be simplified by technology. In order to provide these organisations with a user-friendly and fully-integrated information management tool, Impact Consulting developed datafox.

Built for social development organisations by social development specialists

datafox helps organisations to systematically store data in a central hub and search and use that data for multiple purposes.

Our customisable web-based software system:

  • Generates statistics for comprehensive planning and evaluation
  • Increases staff accountability, project management and data quality
  • Promotes good practice in fundraising tracking for better donor relations
  • Safeguards institutional memory and streamlines internal information sharing
  • Offers sophisticated security and user access rights to protect data integrity
  • Saves time with a user-friendly mail-merge function and search capabilities

With datafox, information can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world; and used to store and extract data in a flexible and dynamic way.

A suite of modules to choose from

We have developed several versions of datafox to suit the needs of both start-up and well-established organisations. datafox offers a range of modules and functionalities for organisations to choose from and add to as their requirements evolve. We can also build bespoke modules for clients who need them.

Modules include:

  • Core (individuals, organisations, projects, staff and system administration)
  • Interactions (for logging events, activities, meetings etc)
  • Prospecting (Proposals and Requests for Proposals)
  • Donations
  • Cases
  • Communications (Templates and e-mail)
  • Questionnaire
  • Document Management
  • Calendar and Tasks
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Open source software. No license fees.

Because datafox software is open source, there is no need to pay license fees. The system belongs to the organisation once it has been purchased and users can be added at no extra cost. Our system can also be run via the Internet, which allows users to access the database real time from anywhere where they have internet connectivity.